Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lena Dunham and Mental Illness

A couple weeks ago, I ended up on a YouTube spiral all around Lena Dunham. The truth is, I don't love Girls. But I subscribed to this newsletter produced by her or something. I saw her on the Graham Norton Show and I started looking up all these interviews of her...and I have to say, I'm really starting to love her and I understand her artwork better. Here's a little video of her with the topic of mental illness, which I dug.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday Goals

Life has gotten pretty fucking busy of late. Last week, I took a second job. I will now be working 6-days a week from 12a-8a (or sometimes from 4p-12a) and also Thursday-Sunday from 4p-10p (or 11p). Why? Because bills, motherfuckers. I was working out my college plan, trying to figure out my graduation date, and I discovered that I have reached the cap on Federal Student Loans for undergraduate students. So yeah, I'm in a boatload of debt, but also, I need to get this shit done and I'm gonna have to pay for some of it myself. Hence, a second job and working pretty much every day until Labor Day...also, marathon training. This leaves precious little time for anything else, which is ok. If I spend my days sleeping next to Adam and my nights working, I suppose there are worse things I could do with my summer.

Last week was super stressful which led into a really stressful Monday. I was up for 30 hours before I went to bed, and I didn't even write this post. So now I'm late, and I'd rather post this one than a Fat Tuesdays post and really, I might be a sporadic blogger for the summer. Did I mention I'm also still in college? I have a Critical Thinking paper queued up and it reminded me I needed to get over there and write this. That paper can wait ten minutes!


I managed to accomplish a good amount of my list last week, but I realized I had to give up on the sewing game. Aside from having to fix my machine, my days are now filled with work, running, and sleeping. Grocery shopping might become the highlight of my week. Adam and I have been watching Grey's Anatomy, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay awake for all the episodes, because I'm gonna have to sleep more Thursday-Sunday. It's fine. I am going to adjust and, in two months, I will be really happy to see our bills paid off and money in our savings account, ready to pay for college stuffs. It's gonna all work out fine, I'm just not going to have much of a life this summer.

This Week's Goals
Run every day
Run with Freya
Run with Calloway
Hit my mileage goal
Do some yoga
Maintain new IG for yoga
Stay on top of my schoolwork
Edit wedding photos
Book with Morgan
Rebook with Maddie
Book with Kelso
Figure out a decent sleep schedule

Friday, June 24, 2016

Recent Work : Marjeigh is Awesome

Just before I left for the island, a friend of a friend contacted me to do some photos of her daughter, who is a dancer. I had just a couple of days and she booked real quick to get it done. We headed out to my favorite roof in Akron, even though it was wet from recent rain, and had a super fun time making some really fun photos. Marjeigh is awesome and this shoot was awesome.








Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Cavs Champion-Bullshit

Something has been pissing me off recently. It's all the hoopla over the Cavs Championship Win. The problem is the press. They keep saying it's the first Championship for Cleveland in 52 years. That's a damn lie.

**In the same month, the Lake Erie Monsters won the Calder Cup. Do you know what the Lake Erie Monsters are? A professional hockey team.

**Before that, the Cleveland Indians won the American League Championship two times in the 1995 and 1997.

**And while that was happening, the Cleveland Crunch was busy winning three national titles in the 90s.

So despite the Lake Erie Monsters winning, the Cavs are somehow the belles of the ball, complete with a parade and just totally ignoring our hockey team.

Meanwhile, LeBron has hit celebrity status and everyone just forgets that he was once a total asshole who was stripped of his playing privileges, effectively screwing over his high school team. Also, does everyone forget how he definitely said he hated Cleveland?

I guess so and it's a damn shame. I'm not mad at LeBron or the Cavs. It's cool to see them winning, but I'm mad at the press and at everyone in NEOhio for making LeBron into some crazy celebrity, for ignoring what our other sports teams have accomplished, and for disregarding the rest of the team. LeBron isn't the only player, you know, and The Cavs aren't the only winners in Cleveland.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cache Adventures : 4th of July Weekend

Last year, Adam and I wanted to have a little getaway for Fourth of July. He was off for the holiday and we wanted to do some exploring. We decided a combination of geocaching, visiting historical sites, and camping was the way to go. So we headed south into the area around New Philadelphia, Ohio, where the Tuscawaras River runs wide and mighty.

Geocaching bag

Old, Ohio flags

Our first stop was Fort Laurens, a tiny park on the Towpath in Bolivar, Ohio. Though it was small it was still awesome. It was fun to learn about the old fort. There was a geocache on site and a couple more down along the towpath.

Next up was Schoenbrunn, a Moravian mission settled among the Delaware Indians. It's a really cool, old village surrounded by a primitive wood fence...the fence was important because life stock roamed the village freely. It was a really interesting little site with a great museum where I learned a TON! Adam, as usual, was already familiar with most of the details of the village and history.



We decided we'd like to live in this house.

As for the camping, we ended up staying at Wood's Tall Timber Resort, just outside of New Philadelphia. Honestly, it was not our first choice of place to stay, because it seemed like there was much more going on than we wanted. However, the other couple of options never bothered to answer their phones or reply to my e-mails, so we ended up at Wood's. Conclusion : totally worth it!

Wood's is the kind of place where people park their camper all summer and either live out there or weekend out there throughout the summer. Some moms stayed their full time with the kids and then dads would visit on the weekend. The entire resort is a big valley with all of the fun action happening in the base of the valley. The camper sites are near the base of the valley, and the tent sites are further up the sides of the valley...which means, it's pretty damn good exercise for walking around! There is a pond for swimming, fishing, and paddle boating. There's a concession stand. There's a playground with a stage for live entertainment. There's a zip line and lots of other things to do. It's a VERY happening place that was just a little too crowded for our tastes, but totally fun. We highly recommend this place!



We ended up having a good holiday weekend, getting to know another little part of Ohio and learning a lot about the history of Ohio. It was just exactly what we wanted and totally fun. If you're ever looking for an affordable weekend away from home, I suggest the New Philadelphia/Dover area. It's a great little area with lots to do!

Monday, June 20, 2016

To Do List

You know those dreams where you're running but you're not moving and you cannot get where you're going? Or you need to be somewhere, but suddenly you're on the other side of the country with no car and no plane ticket and you're not going to make whatever event you have? I feel like that's what my entire life is like this summer. I'm struggling with being as productive as I want to be. I'm also struggling with giving a shit about it.


This Week's Goals
Run every day
Run with Freya
Hit my mileage goal
Do some yoga
Maintain new IG for yoga
Stay on top of my schoolwork
Edit those epic photos
Get contact information for Morgan
Rebook with Maddie
Get with Kelso!!!
Fiddle with sewing machine to fix it for sewing

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Food Review : Blueline Coffee : Omaha

Adam and I were looking for a little place to have lunch and managed to find this really adorable and awesome coffee shop just outside of downtown Omaha. It was awesome. It was a little out of the way in terms of neighborhood, but still close enough to downtown to do all the things. Blue Line Coffee was a really delightful surprise and I'd recommend staying nearby if you're a coffee lover (they serve breakfast too). The food was really tasty and they even have a little beer selection too! It's near some hotels and could easily be the go-to spot for morning coffee on any trip. If you're not staying near the shop, it's worth a drive down for the coffee, food, and atmosphere, and to check out other Omaha sites nearby!