Friday, June 7, 2013

001 : Oh, hai!


Hi, welcome to my new spot on the interwebs. I wanted to change, and so I created a new blog! I was writing elsewhere and I grew tired of the name and the space and the drama...and also the background image that is hidden in the code and I can't find to remove it! I wanted to come somewhere new and start over!

I enjoyed my old blog, and I'm not going to remove it. You can go over there and search through the archives, if you want. Or you can just start from here and follow along with the new me. I want to change my content somewhat and just be in a new space!

The name : Well, I like to think that honesty is one of my top qualities. I try to be honest and direct in all aspects of my life, all the time. I hope this comes through. The badger is my spirit animal; a tough motherfucker who can chomp down and hold on! Also, they're really fucking cute!

So that's it! Welcome to the new space, I hope you stick around for a while!


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