Saturday, June 8, 2013

002 : Cache Adventures : Back in Black!

I'm back! (But not in black, I just wanted to use an AC/DC song title!) Remember that job I had in May? Well, because of the 6-day work weeks and 10-hour days, I really only got one day of caching in, and really just got one cache. But now that I'm babysitting third shift and taking my time to find a good, part-time job that suits me well, I have been CACHING!!! I've been out two or three days this week, which is awesome! I'm super excited to get back to finding all of Akron's caches this year and caching once a week and blogging about my awesome cache adventures!

This week, school let out, so Alison came over and spent the night. We did a 2-mile walk down to a cache in Akron's Wallhaven neighborhood and found three caches and got ice cream! The next day, we hit up two other caches spread out on Akron's southwest side (non-specific neighborhood). One of which was an empty travel bug hotel, but I know where it is and will put travel bugs in there in the future! (Travel bugs come in various shapes and sizes but all of them have serial numbers and can be tracked as they travel from cache to cache. I love them!)


Thankfully, we're not allergic to poison ivy, so we can traipse through the woods with no issues at all!

My posse!





No travel bugs in here, so I will have to order some and fill it!


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