Sunday, June 9, 2013

003 : Marathon Training : Week 74

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This week was a great week! It was cool a lot, and I made all my mileage : 3, 5, and 7. There were no tragedies with dogs, and everything felt really good. Although, I did discover some chafing in my bra area after my 7 mile run, and I definitely need new sports bras. However, the Disney Marathon in January of 2014 is 70% sold out, so all my money is going toward that registration, which means I will HAVE to run the marathon in January!

This week, I bump my mileage up to 4, 6, 9...NINE MILES! I'm nervous. But I'm sure, if I keep it slow and steady, that I can run nine miles. Then, it's just one bump before I run a half in October. I'll be keeping that half as part of my full training, so I might actually run more than a half before I run the half. Anyway, this week, big jump...I'm nervous and excited!


In other news, I have a regular job; 3rd shift babysitting. It brings in enough money each week that I'm not totally broke and strapped for cash. But it's not enough to accomplish my financial goals. So, I'm still looking for a job. But I feel relaxed, since I have a regular job. I feel good, taking my time, trying to find the right fit. I also have a plan, which is exciting! And I'm working on writing a ton of blog posts this week, because I have great things in store, including reviewing the Taylor Swift concert I attended in April! LOTS of posts for that one!!!


  1. I see you do a lot of marathon training. I miss running a lot, although I'm just too tired and don't have a lot of time anymore. I would probably be more inspired though if I could run beneath the shade of tall green trees and soft trails like there are in OH. -Jessica

    1. Well, I do have to do a lot of training if I'm going to finish a marathon! It is hard to fit in running, and I have to force myself...getting up at 5a so I can run in cooler temperatures throughout the summer. You're not the only person who has mentioned all the green, someone on my tumblr said something about it too. I do go out of my way to run in parks as much as possible. But you're right, it is very green here and I'm very, very grateful for that! I also live just a few miles from a National Park and am lucky that Akron has invested in their park system.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. My husband's family is from Akron as well. We do go there usually whenever we visit Ohio (to visit his family). I also didn't realize that OH gets humid in the summer. That is certainly something to consider if we ever have to move there! But at least there will be a lot less people, less traffic, and more trails, and a lower cost of living if we do move there. -Jessica L