Monday, June 10, 2013

004 : New Music Review : She's The Chitt!

Y'all, welcome to my week of music! This week, I'm going to talk about a couple of local artists I've recently discovered/had the pleasure of hearing and talk about the Taylor Swift concert!!!! And also talk about my old neighbor who is also an internationally famous guitarist. Are y'all ready to get down with some music? Good, me too!

A couple weekends ago, we were doing a craft show in Kent, Ohio. It was actually a wine festival, I guess. There were wineries, crafters, food, and also music. We were right across the street from the sound stage, which was our soundtrack for the day. The first band was AWFUL! The woman who was singing kept trying to be the original singer of the song, and it was bad. So bad. The second act, "Boy=Girl" was FUCKING AWESOME! They played old folky songs and were great. I requested a song, but they didn't know it, but they knew the band who I've heard play it, The Duhks. And I found out they are opening for The Duhks in the fall, which makes me SUPER HAPPY! Then there was, Diana Chittester.

So, I'm over at our booth, trying to sell stuffed animals, keeping my eyes peeled for puppy dogs that needed me to pet them, probably stuffing my face (I love to eat at craft shows, the local food is SO GOOD!), you know, the usual. I'm sitting there, minding my own business, checking my Instagrams when I hear what is possibly the best thing I've ever heard at a craft show... This girl is singing "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns n' Roses, with nothing but an acoustic guitar for accompaniment. I mean, it was AMAZING! Seriously, she was fucking KILLING it!

So, I ran over to listen to the rest. And then she started another song I love, "Walkin' on Sunshine!" So, I video her and see that she has cds for sale for $5 and $10. I grabbed my $5 and came back. I was dancing and I Instagrammed her and was singing along, and finally someone on the grass offered to take my money for the cd. Which was good, because I wasn't sure where to put my money and was kind of needing to get back to my booth. Also, I was the only person standing up and dancing, and I was starting to feel AWKWARD! So, when she took my money, she totally gave me BOTH cds because, "You seem pretty awesome." That's a quote!

So, I hung out and danced a bit more and then I had to go back to my booth. And the next day, I put the cd with the black and white cover in my car, and it was AWESOME! Oh man. There's just something about her voice!




So, I had to internet stalk her, and I found out she's a lesbian who...ugh, let me just quote her website:

"Growing up as the daughter of a Methodist minister from ‘small town PA’, Diana soon discovered the power of lyrics when her music began to question the religious structure of her adolescent years. Chittester’s decision to come out as an open lesbian woman created a harsh distance between her and her family. As a result, Diana’s musical direction changed when she began speaking at high school and colleges about her struggles with her sexuality and the practices of the Methodist church. “Give Love a Fighting Chance” was the first Equality campaign Chittester launched under her artist run record label, Fighting Chance Records, to bring awareness to the importance of Tolerance and Acceptance among LGBTQ youth. The Fighting Chance team regularly builds events that further help various non-profits and enlighten the public on the work of the organizations."

See? Girl is awesome. So, here are some video snippets I took, and also, you can Youtube stalk her on your own time. Her sticker's ain't lyin', y'all!

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