Thursday, June 13, 2013

007 : Urban Eats Luau

Last week, my fave cafe, Urban Eats, hosted their annual luau in anniversary of the creation of the cafe. I haven't ever been able to attend. I think I've always had a wedding to photograph. This year, I was free and excited to head down! The cafe is attached to Musica, a music venue in Akron. Musica hosts a reggae night while Urban Eats has the food and some games. I hung out in the cafe for the surf guitarist and the first act of the concert. I didn't make it through the other acts, because I had a date with myself to go see a movie. I'm not a huge reggae fan anyway.

But the night was fun. I ended up sitting next to the father of one of the owners, Jason. Liz and Jason (the owners) are both good friends of mine anyway. Going to Urban Eats is like going to hang out with my friends. I'm also friends with some of the employees. It's such a neighborhood kind of place. So, Jason's dad was there without his wife and Liz's parents didn't make it. But he and I hit it off. We played shuffle board on his iPhone and generally talked a lot of shit. He was really cool. I also met some of Liz's friends and Nikki's (an employee) sister. It was just a really great night!

Liz and Nikki


Oh man, the luau plate was SO GOOD!

Liz's cute friends!

Nikki and her cute sister!

Here are some videos of the surf guitarist who played pre-show. He's also a regular at the cafe and a generally cool guy!

So what I'm saying is, come to Akron and let's go to Urban Eats! Next year, come out to the luau! Good fun to be had all around!

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