Sunday, June 16, 2013

010 : Marathon Training : Week 75

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Normally, I'm not interested in breaking down the details of mileage and specifics of running. I write about my marathon training because it's about setting a long term goal and following through, not because it's about running or fitness. However, this week, something really strange and awesome happened, so I'm going to write about some mileage specifics right now.

So, this week, I accidentally ran 11.5 miles. I know that probably sounds like an insane lie, but it happened. My route took me down a few streets to a trail. That trail was supposed to connect to another park where I would run a final trail. This should've been 9 miles, my next bump in training. Instead, it was 11.5 miles. The first trail ended up the road from the second trail. I didn't know how far away the next park was, but my map app told me it was 1.2 miles away. I figured running 10 miles instead of 9 was not such a big deal, so I went for it. By the time I got to the final trail, down a super dangerous road that I will NEVER run again, I just felt worn out. But I thought that was because I was bumping up my mileage, so I forced myself to run the final trail. When my mom came to pick me up and take me home, we measured the distance between the two trails and found out it was 2.5 miles.

It actually felt really good, because I was super nervous about this run. I started feeling nervous last week, when I knew what mileage I'd have to cover this week. I even had an anxiety attack the night before the big run and had to force myself to settle my nerves at the start of the big run. Knowing that I could make such a mistake and cope with it was a really big learning lesson and relief! I feel really confident in my ability to build mileage now.


The rest of this week has been frustrating. I can't share the details publicly, but just, grr. I've got to make a new plan for some future things, so I will. I'll sort it out this week.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of miles. I walked 4 miles yesterday and I felt so drained. Kudos!
    Please check out some of my looks on!!

  2. @rxforfashion : Thanks! 4 miles is quite a distance too! I checked out your lookbook, you have good taste and cute clothes!

  3. That is so awesome. I can't even run a mile haha. I do a lot more strength training now than cardio. I don't know if that's good or bad, but it works for me. Anyway, I'm really proud of you!

  4. @The Loudmouth : I think any exercise that makes you feel good is great! Thanks so much for your awesome words!

  5. Awesome, that sounds like a huge breakthrough! Not just the running part, but the mental block and anxiety. So proud of you :)

  6. @minimeg : Thanks girl! It's so nice to have support! And also, welcome to the new blog!