Friday, June 28, 2013

021 : Disgusting display of misogynism.

Have you seen the new Robin Thicke video? I'm not even linking it from here, because it's so disgusting. It's not really a very good song. It has one of those rhythms or hooks or whatever that repeats too often. It has Pharrell and T.I. So, the video is the three men in three-piece suits or other clothing that completely covers everything except for their heads and hands. They're standing in a white studio singing or dancing or doing random shit with models...but the models are almost entirely naked.

The models are wearing nude thongs that simulate full nudity, no tops, and white tennis shoes. They're running around, riding bikes across the set, dancing, making faces at the boys, occasionally covering their breasts, and then randomly playing with a dog or goats. It's completely unoriginal and patently disgusting. It has to be the most misogynist demonstration of objectifying women I've ever seen. I'm never going to buy a Robin Thicke album, ever. Fuck him.

I took a few screenshots on my phone and am posting them below. The quality is poor, because phone screen shots, but you can still get a clear picture of the situation.








  1. Apparently you've seen a dirty version of the video. I never saw bare breasts when I watched it. Not gonna lie, this is my summer song and I jam hard. Robin Thicke's whole mantra is "sexy" so I wouldn't expect anything else from his videos. His music makes me want to prance around naked, just like the models lol

  2. @TK Woo : Well, that's a pretty idiotic point of view and very willfully ignorant. His persona has never been "sexy," and this is an attempt for him to become more famous instead of just some random R&B singer. The lyrics to the song are degrading to women and pretty rapey and his video was intentionally degrading to women. Supporting him is just fucked up and anti-women. I'm not even going to call it anti-feminist...he went out of his way to create a persona that is about men being creepy toward women and objectifying them, because he thought it would make him more money and he thought it would be funny. That shit is not ok.

  3. the whole video is rather odd, the girls look awkward, like the way they walk and dance is awkward, half holding/covering their breasts

    and whats the deal with the part that says he has a big dick, compensating much?

  4. @N : Yeah, that's a really good point. The video is just weird. It doesn't make sense. I've read a few analyses of it, but what the video was trying to do, didn't translate. And the silver balloon message about his dick : HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's the only part I like. Because that is squarely about him.

  5. I'm not hip, so I have no idea who any of these guys are, but frankly I'm not surprised by the video. I love reading any of your posts in regard to music and women being objectified: I think it's important that people see (or should I say realize?) what light women are being shown in and fight against it. Walk into any middle or high school right now, though, and you'll see that young girls are aiming to look and act like the women they're seeing in videos like this. Most of the young girls in my little brothers high school willingly send videos/photos of themselves prancing around naked and they pride themselves on how many guys they've been with. To each their own, but it's like these girls enjoy guys oohing and ahhing over their objectified bodies. It's horrible!
    Ugh why do dudes suck so much?!

  6. @Heather Belle : That's also an interesting point you bring up, the way young women express themselves in our culture. I think most people assume that girls express themselves based on what they see in the media, but I haven't spent a lot of time considering that. Also, is it judgy for us to talk about that? Are there more productive conversations about gender equality for sexual expression and sex education programs from young women?