Saturday, June 29, 2013

022 : Cache Adventures : Geocaching Virgins

I'm on OKCupid and I've had a couple first dates lately wherein we go get a cache or two, and it's their first cache. Geocaching comes up in conversation pretty quickly, because I wrote about it on my profile. It's usually a good topic of conversation, easy to talk about with a stranger. Since I also Instagram almost all of my caches and blog about them, basically everyone I know in any sphere knows I'm a geocacher. I have geocaching followers on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. I've written guest posts about it on a friend's blog. My friends are generally curious about what it is. Because of this, I've popped so many geocaching fact, only one of my friends had ever gone geocaching before we went. I really like doing this. I thought that everyone knew about geocaching, so it's actually really fun to show new people the game. Here are some photos of recent first-time cachers.

First date, first cache

'Nother first date, first cache

IGer and friend who wanted to go caching after seeing me post about it.

Dogs count too! I've taken four different dogs out caching with me!

Regular posse member who found her first cache with me. We often get up to pretty ridiculous shenanigans!

Hey, if you're in Akron or NEOhio and you wanna go geocaching, you should hit me up! : thehonestbadger (at) gmail (dot) com

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