Wednesday, July 10, 2013

033 : Outfit Post : Vintage Fabric and Vintage Pattern

Last fall, I think, I found this awesome, printed denim at a thrift store somewhere around here. I also found a really cool vintage pattern at a sale in Cleveland. It's this badass 70s pattern with a longer, a-line skirt and a fucking vest! Oh man, it's so good. So, I paired the two.

Mom had to do some fancy measuring, but the skirt fits perfectly. It's quickly becoming my fave item in my closet. I find it to be really comfortable. Since it's denim, I can wear it out somewhere like hiking with the dogs or geocaching, and not worry if it's going to get a little wear. Plus, skirts are always comfier for summer! Also included is one of my fave t-shirts from my fave cafe in Akron, Urban Eats, my fave sandals from Old Navy (I should've bought three pairs), and a hoodie from the garden center job that HAS MY NAME ON IT! Yeah, I paid for the personalization. It's not quite the same as having an awesome, blue collar shirt, but it's still badass. It has info from the garden center on the back, which is well-known in Cleveland. So, yeah, love it...and I love my legs right now!





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