Monday, July 1, 2013

024 : Outfit Post : Cache Fashion

When Shaley (one of my geocaching virgins) and I went out for geocaching, we started at my fave cafe, Urban Eats. I picked Shaley up, and she looked so cute! After grabbing our first cache, by this little train, I wanted to grab a couple of outfit shots! Shaley is wearing a cute maxi dress (that I totally want) wit a jean jacket over it. I'm wearing my Urban Eats tee and my new fave staple: vintage 70s skirt hand made from vintage 70s fabric. Basically, we were the most fashionable cachers in the city that day!





  1. You two look adorable! Seriously, I want to go caching with you.
    Also, Shaley is a total babe!

  2. @Heather Belle : Girl, I would love to go caching with you! It would be so fun! We'll definitely do some of it in January. Also, Shaley IS a total babe! I'm gonna tell her you said that!