Tuesday, July 9, 2013

032 : Outfit Post : Two Fave Pieces

Ugh, just a couple of quick shots to show you some of my fave pieces. I really need to get some better, full shots of these! The first is this awesome red dress I bought on clearance at Target. It has already replaced a different dress that was not a great cut...and it'll probably replace a dress that is sleeveless and just, too ruffly. The second is this shirt I'm totally obsessed with. I bought it for my costume for the Taylor Swift, and it is just the softest, loveliest t-shirt. I really want to put it together with not yoga pants!



Speaking of Taylor Swift (always), did anyone else catch her on the season finale of "New Girl"? 'Cause, obviously I did. I was super excited and anticipating it for days, and it was a bit of a let down. Earlier in the season, Jess was listening to her and dancing to her...I forget, a break-up or something...and she made a comment about it. So I thought maybe they'd bring Taylor in as herself. Instead, she was a girl in love with Cece's not-husband. It was just a little bit at the end, but it was funny. 'Cause Taylor has a song about breaking up a wedding, and there she was, standing up and running off with him. Also, 'cause she said, "You are not too short for me." I thought that shit was cute, but of course, I wanted more!


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