Saturday, July 20, 2013

043 : Cache Adventures : Buffalo and Lockport, NY

I headed down to Buffalo last weekend for a wedding. I drove down Wednesday and stopped downtown for some geocaching. I was looking for a place big enough to put a travel bug but really ended up with some DNFs. Later, I found a large cache at a "haunted house" and dropped my bug there. The day after the wedding, on the way to pick up some left behinds at the venue, I stopped at a cemetery for some more caches. It was a good weekend, but I am wishing I spent more time in Akron, 'cause I want to get all the caches here! Anyway, Buffalo and Lockport pics!

DNF at the courthouse


DNF at the Erie Canal

Local roast beef was a must!

Great place for a travel bug!

Decoys...also hung way too high. The person who placed several caches in this cemetery thought that 6" was appropriate for a 1.5 terrain waiting, which is wrong. If 1 is wheelchair accessible, then 5 inches about the female average in the U.S. is NOT a 1.5...fucking logic and reason!

Cold Spring Cemetery, oldest in Lockport!


The one in this section was hidden down in a hole in the center of a had to use a device rigged by the cache placer to pull it out. Well, they used flimsy aluminum and the whole thing fell apart while I was removing it, dropping the cache down into the tree, making it unretrievable. Another 1.5 that should've been at least a 2, with a warning about how to remove it.

This guy was hanging 'round another DNF!

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