Sunday, July 21, 2013

044 : Marathon Training : Week 79

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It's July, and this week, NEOhio reached it's highs for so far this year (just like damn near everywhere else). What did I do? I ran one day and then took my own advice. I avoided my Wednesday run and tried for a Friday run but only survived 1.43 miles. I'm not bothered by this, because I HATE running in the heat. I don't want to force myself to do something I dislike to make the overall goal unenjoyable...which is to say, if I force myself to run to the point where I hate it, I won't want to continue in the future.

Personally, I think giving yourself a break is an important part of goal setting. You know, like if you're really trying to pay off those credit card bills, but you start to feel deprived : take yourself out to dinner and a movie! Small breaks in a longterm goal help me stay focused and feel like I'm in control of the goal and not the other way around.

Basically, I'm just not that hardcore.



  1. I can't run in the heat either, but I have and will probably do so at some point again. I didn't realize OH got so hot and humid. That's a good thing to know in case we ever move there. I agree that giving yourself a break with running is important as well. I want to run long distances again, but I don't....there are so many reasons to run and so many not to. -Jessica

    1. Yes, Ohio has the same amount of humidity as the rest of the Northeast and some of the south. NEOhio usually gets about 10 days over 90 degrees every summer, but could spend the entire summer in the 80s with really high humidity. This summer is pretty average, with more rain than usual, so we've been enjoying a LOT of mid-70s with relatively low humidity. (Low for us, very high for desert dwellers.) It's been pretty lovely, actually!

      I totally agree that there are so many reasons not to run. (Though plenty of great reasons to run.) It seems to me that lots of runners and running blogs are just all cheerleading for running, as if there is no reason other than laziness not to run. But I often feel like the amount of work I have to do, my level of energy, the amount of sleep I've gotten, the weather, and the amount of time I have in the day are all reasons that get in the way of my running, and I'm constantly working against them. But I do really enjoy running, so I'm keeping at it!