Monday, July 22, 2013

045 : Cleaning out a friend's closet

Recently, a friend of ours decided to clean out her closet. So mom and I went over on the first day of cleaning to lend a hand. Basically, we ate pizza and then sat on her bed, talking to her. She was doing the first part, getting rid of what she didn't need or use or want. So we agreed to take all of the Goodwill bags that night, so it would be done, off her list, and finished. There were so many bags! I was surprised and impressed that she was so dedicated. It was fun, hanging out and helping...also, yummy pizza and kitties!

Pizza from Mr. G's in Copley, good!

BURRITO!!! (Mom and I rescued him from a car engine last fall and he found a great home!)

This is the "keep" pile!


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