Tuesday, July 23, 2013

046 : 15 Fave Instagrammers

So....Instagram. Man, I love it. I love taking pictures, and I love following people, and I've met some really cool peeps on IG. I also love the cat photos and the Taylor Swift fan accounts. I follow running accounts and geocachers and I follow people all over the world. Instagram is really awesome, and makes me happy. I've got my top 15 accounts here. I tried to narrow it down to ten, and then I realized I didn't want to, so I left it at 15. Here are my fave IGers (in no particular order):

Rihanna...I really feel like she's just being herself. I like the clothes and the sexy pictures.

Arcticmum has a blog about thrifting in the Arctic Circle, and I follow her IG because of that. LOTS of snowy pictures and cool Scandinavian stuff...also Norway makes me happy.

Gorgeous selfies and also really awesome make-up. Plus, she's funny too!

This is one of those regular-people accounts I follow. She's just nice with better-than-average photos. Also, she interacts with me, which I enjoy.

A runner who started following me 'cause of my marathon training posts. He's really encouraging. Lots of running pics.

A SoCal girl and regular-people account. Crossfit updates and boyfriend pics and selfies and also...sometimes...DOGS!

Ahhh...this is one of my favest! She's a mom and that's Bobes you see down in the corner there. There are definite Bobes pics, but he is the funniest toddler ever. Also, she's really beautiful and posts awesome outfit posts and also tattoos. She interacts too, lots of likes and comments and talking back. This is a great account to follow!

Party girl in Korea...lots of clubbing posts...also lots of likes and comments!

Fluffy kitties, obviously.

Wedding blogger (and photographer) and music-lover. Wedding pics, music store pics, travel pics, and N. Alabama pics. Better-than-average photos, for sure.

Not sure where she's from, but definitely awesome pics in this account. (Oh, she's a N. Alabama person! They are so the best!)

Lots of selfies and the best smile on Instagram.

A friend of mine who has a fluffy kitty and is into cosplay.

This is one of the few businesses I follow...leather goods. Just really good photos about leather, and I find it all interesting. Also, genuine interaction and not just following for likes.

Graphic designer in Canada, swing dancer, and tattooed girl...also, I know her personally. Better than average photos.

I follow about 200 people from Finland to Tokyo...and I enjoy all of them. I follow a handful of peeps from N. Alabama and a handful of seniors from a high school in Akron. I follow fellow bloggers and friends. I just love photos, and I take a ton myself. If you went through my profile (fennarama) and looked at all the peeps I follow, you'd find lots of goodness and people who love to interact. These are just the 15 that I want to feature now, because of personality or photo quality, but I love all the peeps I follow and could easily write a post with all the other IGers I follow!


  1. Oh my! That CA girl is my friend Kristen?! Does she know that you gave her such an honor?!?! And those are MY DOGS! LOL! -Jessica

    1. Oh, I've been meaning to take a screen shot and post it on IG, so they know. That's the one place where I don't pimp out my blog, and I really should. I knew those were your dogs...but only since two days ago when I saw your blog post that mentioned her.

    2. I don't get replies to my comments. I think I turned them off because I was getting annoyed with comments from every person commenting on a blog. Not yours, but from other blogs a long time ago. Anyhow, two of the dogs are hers: the grey and white or the little black one. Actually, the grey and white one, Junior, belongs to her parents Patty and Dave, and the 2 jack russells and the other pit bull belong to me and my husband. Yeah, Steph usually takes pics of them whenever she visits so that's where you've seen them too. - I don't mention my blog anywhere that my coworkers would see it! It would be weird! -Jess L

  2. yay!!! thanks for the mention!!! also, millyrad lives in huntsville (the same place i'm from...as well as lkberz!) :)

    1. How did Huntsville get so many cool people?