Thursday, July 25, 2013

047 : Outfit Post : Fancy dinner in Tremont

I recently went out on a bit of a double date to meet my friend's new boyfriend. I picked the restaurant and chose Lolita in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood. I kind of bought a new outfit for the night! My laundry needed doing, and I wanted a new maxi skirt, so I just bought a whole new outfit! I really loved it, so comfy and cute!






Ugh is all I can say about that place. It's some fancy shit created by a contestant (or winner) of one of those food network shows. I didn't recognize anything on the menu. Everything was kind of high priced too. I don't know, I was just not impressed. It felt like the chef was trying too hard. Everything was just so fancy and the only food that tasted really good was my friend's mac and cheese. The pate plate was way too salty and smelled like cat food. The chicken livers tasted like old fried chicken that had been left in its own grease and was ditched because it was way too salty. The pizza was ok, but also too salty and the mushrooms were kind of large and hard to eat easily.

I just felt like the whole place screamed NOT CLEVELAND. I don't see Cleveland as a place with high prices and esoteric foods with way too much going on. I see Cleveland as a place for great food at reasonable prices without a lot of fancy crap...a place for awesome native food (Polish and Slavic). I stopped in a boutique before dinner, and it was also too high priced. Meh and Ugh to all of it. It felt like a foreign place. Also, the waitress was HORRIBLE and it was HOT inside. BOO! I'd give Lolita 2 stars out of five.

No idea what most of this is.

Pate and foie gras

Chicken livers

Mushroom pizza

The best thing, and I didn't order it!

A big-ass flower



  1. :( I'm sad you didn't have a good experience here. Steph and I went here for her birthday a few years ago and loved it. I definitely agree that the prices were too high though.

    1. It's just too fancy. Do you think it fits in with Cleveland? Because it feels like somewhere else to me.

    2. I do but a different sector of Cleveland than the traditional food (like the polish which I also love). There's this great restaurant in university circle called Accent that is more of the upscale fancy Cleveland. I think Cleveland is just so diverse that everything finds its niche. Michael Symon talks up Cleveland in a lot of his in his interviews and on food network specials like "The Best Thing I've Ever Ate" which I also appreciate.