Friday, August 2, 2013

055 : Big Fat Movie Review

Last week, I had a fuckton of photos to edit, so I went to rent some movies. But the movies were $1 each, so I rented TEN! It was a good decision, though I wasn't impressed with many of the movies. Anyway, here are my quick reviews and suggestions!!!

Warm Bodies

This is that movie about a zombie who falls in love with a girl and the feelings make the virus go away. It is predictably white-centric and gendered, which might not matter to you. The opening was clever, and I was hoping the rest of the movie would be, but it didn't really make sense and was predictable and stupid and boring. It was fine for a buck, but that's about it.


I didn't expect much from this American comedy, because American comedy is so often not good. But I do love Mark Wahlberg. He was great in the role, and the premise of the movie was pretty funny, but the movie lacked. The premise, if you don't know, is that this kid makes a Christmas wish that his teddy bear will come alive, and it does...FOREVER. I thought that was funny, but it turned out this was a chick flick, romantic comedy, bromance mess of a movie. It was original in the premise, and the originality stopped there. All of the jokes have been done and done and done. It was worth $1 to see Mark Wahlberg, but mostly the movie just lacked.

Les Miserables

WHY IN THE FUCK DOES ANYONE LIKE THIS? I had no intention of ever seeing any portion of this movie or play, EVER. But someone suggested it, so I went for it. Gross. Mom and I made it about twenty minutes before shutting it off. It was Anne Hathaway's character...all selling her hair and her body and everything and just crying and being pathetic, and we were like, "Why do people want to watch misery?" Seriously, why? If there is a pleasant part to this movie, we could not hold out to see it. So, whatever. Do what you want, but I want my dollar back!

Beautiful creatures

So, I guess this is a book. I didn't go into this expecting much more than pretty people...and I didn't even get that. Oh man, the actors looked like they were in their 30s and NOT in high school! Also, the accents were just awful. It's about, you know, someone is a witch and is EVIL but maybe isn't and her 16 or 18 or something birthday will reveal her evil but, TRUE LOVE...or notsomuch. It was just convoluted and not good. Not even worth a dollar. I mean, I love me some bad teen movies, and the more supernatural, the better, but this was BAD.

Side effects

Normally, I expect nothing from any movie with Catherine Zeta-Jones...BUT this movie had Channing Tatum and Jude Law, and they often deliver. They TOTALLY DELIVERED! This movie was dark and twisty and really good. I am not one to predict movies, but I think that you could probably work out the ending before it happens. There were some bits that were kind of drawn out, but there were some twists that I enjoyed. It plays out like a longer version of a crime or cop show, kind of. It was worth more than a dollar for sure and Jude Law and Channing Tatum delivered, as usual.

21 & over

This is an American, gross-out comedy and delivered just that. I mean, I think they were trying to go for a college version of "The Hangover," but they missed the mark. It had all the disgusting parts of such a movie with none of the wit or originality. It was supposed to be about Jeff Chang's 21st birthday, but it really ended up being about his friends (two white boys) hauling him around all night. I mean, I rented it to see Skylar Astin from "Pitch Perfect", because he is hot. So he was hot, and naked at one point, which made it all worth my $1. But it wasn't funny or original.

The Campaign
The Campaign Movie

This is one of those American comedies, for which Will Ferrell is very famous. It just wasn't as funny as some of his others. I think it's just hit or miss with this type of comedy, and this was miss. All the mysogynistic jokes and political jokes were not that funny. Will's character was actually more believable as a real politician than as a caricature of such. However, Zach Galifianakis was pretty funny. Sadly, his character couldn't carry the movie. Not gonna lie, I was hoping for some "Talladega Nights" level of comedy, and this fell far short.

This is 40
This is, supposedly, a sort of sequel to "Knocked Up," but I think it's more like a spin-off. It takes side characters from that movie and gives them their own. "Knocked Up" was good, and I loved it...and I loved these characters within that movie, but "This is 40" just lost all the charm of "Knocked Up". It was actually really miserable. It's about a couple who both turn 40 within a few weeks of each other. They were fighting and in debt and lying and running around like crazy people and just generally miserable. Mom and I couldn't see any humor and we actually felt awful watching it. I don't know where the humor was supposed to be, but it never showed up. Ugh. Definitely a do not see at all.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

AMAZEBALLS. I don't even say that, but it's such a great way to describe this. It was as good as all the hype, and I want to read the book. The actors were pretty fucking amazing too...However, I'm totally skeptical of Emma Watson and not so into her moment right now. This movie was just great and I want to buy it so I can keep watching it over and over.

Steel Magnolias

This is the black version of Steel Magnolias which was originally a stage play. This movie basically sums up my issues with Hollywood, though this version is a Lifetime made-for-tv version. Why do we have to segregate even our movies? Moreso, why did there need to be an all-black version? (The writer was white and wrote about his sister's death, so it follows that an all-white cast would not be a racist decision.) It would be nice to see movies with color blind casting, that's my dream. That being said, this movie was a BORE. The original cast did it so much better. If you love the original movie, you might be disappointed in this maybe not. I can't say, "don't watch it," because I think it would be worth it to see the black version. I was just disappointed, because I felt this remake lost all the charm and humor the original had. I just kept picturing all the original cast members and how much funnier they were. Plus, I wasn't a fan of most of the casting decisions. I pictured so many other black women in most of the roles. Meh.


  1. I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower! I also adore Emma Watson, but her accent in Perks was a little forced. I want to see her in other things and hope she has staying power, mostly just because I have a crush on her.

    I read Perks in high school and again before I saw the movie and highly recommend it. It's a super quick read, too!

    1. Thanks for the book recommendation! I will definitely get on that.

  2. I should have read your post before seeing "This is 40" for sure! Steph and I both wanted to claw our eyes out and proceeded to do other things like read while that one was on. I totally had a problem with Anne Hathaway in Les Mis too so you are not alone in your unpopular opinion. The movie was not as good as all the hype for sure!

    I'm super excited to take your recommendations from this list!

    1. Word!

      I think I need to do more movie reviews...and tv. I consume a lot of entertainment in those forms!