Tuesday, August 6, 2013

060 : Blurred Lines Gender Swap

I've written about this before, but I have more to ad. So, I think the unrated video for "Blurred Lines" is a misogynist piece of crap, and I really hate that Americans are so stupid to have bought into the rapey song as well. It's all pretty disgusting to me. But today, I stumbled upon this:

So that's a gender-swapped version of the video that I found on Jezebel via Facebook. In the comments, there's a lot of commentary about it not being a "true" gender swap, which I find interesting. For starters, it assumes that the male gender is determined only by specific behaviors and lack of makeup. But also, it assumes that the unrated video is a ball of femininity, and it's not. So, I'm going to post it here. (Ugh.)

OK, where in hell is the femininity if not in Pharrell's weird dancing? I mean, girls stomping around, lighting shit with big lighters, holding sheep, and so on...it's not feminine. If anything, I think the women in this video are every bit as masculine as their male counterparts in the gender-swapped video are feminine. Furthermore, the women in the gender-swapped video are dancing in a very masculine way and the men in the unrated seem to be dancing all girly like. So, I think it's a great gender-swap.

Also, what the unrated video lacks is an actual sense of humor that can be found in the original video.

Now in the original video, with the actual clothing, I can see the sense of humor. The girls are having more fun, because their boobs aren't busy bouncing around all uncontained. They're clothed and comfortable and dancing more and more into it. The guys also seem to be behaving differently.

The thing is, the song is pretty fucking awful anyway, but people don't really listen to the lyrics with a beat like that, right? And the original video is weird as fuck but at least not a complete shit show of female objectification. Whereas the unreated version is just fucking pathetic. But we live in a world where it's ok for men to do this and women just accept it...to the point of institutionalization. It sucks that anyone comes up with these ideas and worse that this formula of half-naked (or fully naked) women and fully-clothed men is the formula for selling, and it works over and over again. And all the girls who are like, "It's so catchy,"...

If you want the same fucking catchy beat, listen to it in its original form. This is a song by Marvin Gaye that is not rapey and is original and interesting and not just a last-ditch attempt at 15 minutes of fame. Next time I hear someone say, "But it's so catchy," I'll happily smack them in the face with some music history and leave them with no excuse to listen to this awful song...unless, of course, they're talking about the gender-swapped version!

But if you want some of Thicke being himself and not some fucked up, clearly marketed version of himself trying to get all famous, check out his old shit...it never charted in the U.S. Probably because he was being a grunged out weirdo that seemed to really enjoy himself in the video. It's a much better song and it's just as catchy. So let's bring this shit back.

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