Friday, August 23, 2013

073 : 101 Things : REORGANIZING

I want to take the list and talk a bit about what's not happening and why shuffle those to the bottom of the list, and renumber everything for ease of organization going forward to the end of this round.

Not Gonna Happen

There are two reasons things won't happen : Money and Life Changes. There are some things that I just don't really want to do, and that's fine. There are some things that are changing because I have new goals. Finally, there are a BUNCH of things that I'm not doing because I can't afford it...most of that is travel.

Aug 16, 2011 - May 13, 2014

061 Save for CELTA classes ...not right now, might roll over
062 Gain CELTA certification ...not right now, might roll over
063 Reapply for Antartica ...not right now, might roll over
064 Take a job abroad ...not right now, might roll over
065 Finish and give away my personal library ...not right now, might roll over
066 Design and sell my own t-shirts ...not right now, might roll over
067 Visit the remaining states you have yet to see ...lack of funds, might roll over
068 Visit a new country ...lack of funds, might roll over
069 Go to Burning Man ...lack of funds, might roll over
070 Go to Bonnaroo ...lack of funds, might roll over
071 Go to Paris or Bring Neil to America ...lack of funds, might roll over
072 See the Northern Lights ...lack of funds, might roll over
073 Visit five new National Parks ...lack of funds, might roll over
074 Visit Prince Edward Island ...lack of funds, might roll over
075 Go on a bike tour (biking and camping) ...lack of funds, might roll over
076 Go white water rafting ...lack of funds, might roll over
077 Road trip to Mexico ...lack of funds, might roll over
078 Road trip the UK ...lack of funds, might roll over
079 Road trip Norway ...lack of funds, might roll over
080 Save one thousand dollars ...not as important to me, other goals
081 Buy a sleeping bag suitable for winter ...not important anymore
082 Plan a travel book ...not important anymore
083 Start a Kickstarter for your travel book ...not important anymore
084 Find a portfolio review ...not important anymore
085 Begin rebuilding your Naked States ...not important anymore
086 Apply to Cooper Union ...not important anymore
087 Apply to SVA ...not important anymore
088 Apply to CIA ...not important anymore
089 Write actual, paper letters to your friends ...not important anymore
090 Give up meat (for at least one full year) ...not important anymore
091 Give up HFCS (forever!) ...not important anymore
092 Buy new Olympus p&s ...unnecessary
093 Buy a portable hammock ...not for now, different future in mind
094 Learn a third language ...not sure about this one
095 Install a composting toilet ...not possible right now
096 Keep chickens ...not possible right now
097 Donate your hair ...didn't happen
098 Pay mom 50% of what you owe her ...didn't happen
099 Create and maintain nanny website HELL NO!
101 Apply for nanny positions abroad HELL NO!

So, that's 40 items (if I can do math at all) that will go unfinished...some because life changes and that shit doesn't matter. I think the ones that were about traveling and cost money will end up rolled over. I still want to do those things and go to those places, so I want to roll them over in May for sure. I reordered the numbers to put them at the bottom of the list so I can remove it from future posts. Now, onto the things I might complete...


024 Step on the shores of all Great Lakes
025 Road trip to some national parks with mom
026 Go to a Renaissance Faire
027 Go to a Tattoo Convention
028 Go to a Comic Convention
029 Go rock climbing
030 Go kayaking
031 Camp more
032 Hike and camp for four days in a row (3 nights)
033 Go fishing
034 Learn how to clean a fish
035 Buy pointe shoes
036 Ride a horse
037 Get initials tattoo
038 Save for desert sleeve/completion of chest piece
039 Save for Transatlantic-Paris-Venice trip
040 Put together your swing show (including artist statement)
041 Print and frame your swing show
042 Show your swing show
043 Go to Dr. Sketchy's
044 Take a figure drawing class
047 Do some figure drawing
048 Create a specific, themed set of selfies that require props and is related to literature, theatre, or music
049 Create a series of prints from wood carved plates
050 Figure out how to make a printing press at home that works
051 Design a t-shirt for Threadless
052 Create digital scrapbooks with your images
053 Read the Entire Bible
054 Organize all of your photos (and back up EVERYTHING)
055 Build something
056 Make a quilt
057 Learn how to sew your own jacket (with button holes!)
058 Learn how to sew your own pants (with a fly!)
059 Begin a ballet program
060 Change your own oil

36 items here...which kind of feels like a lot. But many of these are about doing art, and there is just no excuse. Also, I actually don't want to do a lot of the art ones. I wrote this list when I had in mind going back to school. BUUUUUUTTTTT....making art is important, and I should stick to this shit. Many of these items would take only an hour or so, and there's just no excuse for not making art. I think I can do these, I have to STAY ON TOP OF IT! Now, on to the completed items!


001 Go to a concert Fall 2011
002 Utilize Etsy to the fullest May 2012
003 Buy a tent Summer 2011
004 Hang a hammock Summer 2011
005 Hike more Winter/Spring 2012
006 Grow vegetables Summer 2013
007 Learn more about a sustainable urban life Summer 2011
008 Make terrariums Summer 2011
009 Buy a bike Summer 2013
010 Submit past work to wedding blogs Fall 2011/Winter&Spring 2012
011 Redesign website Winter 2012
012 Finish Larry and Boo Fall 2011
013 Volunteer Summer 2013
014 Buy 2nd Canon Winter 2012
015 Buy iPod touch (or iPhone) End of 2011
016 Start on right sleeve (begin with Canon tattoo) Fall 2011
017 Do some other car repair (w/Ryan) End of 2011
018 Write something and submit it for publication Summer 2012
019 Rebuild your boudoir portfolio Summer/Fall 2011, Winter 2012
020 Rebuild your swimsuit portfolio Spring/Summer 2012
021 Photograph a gay/lesbian wedding Wedding Season 2012
022 Create snail, narwhal, raccoon, and longhorn stuffed (changed to moose) animals 2012-2013
023 Look into larger shows in bigger cities Fall 2012
024 Apply to larger, more expensive, juried shows Spring 2012
025 Give up soda Fall 2011
026 Sell desktop, replace with laptop Summer 2013

I misnumbered at the very top and I think I have actually 102 items...BUT...anyway, 26 items completed is PATHETIC. No wonder I never finish more than 49 items. I'm such a fucking slacker! Or maybe I just change my life too much. Oh well. Here it is, reorganized! I'm going to feel proud that I accomplished these things and not feel badly at all.

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