Tuesday, August 27, 2013

077 : Swim Day

This summer started out nice. It was a long, cool, wet spring followed by a cool start that heated up nicely right around the end of June. It was still really wet, which meant the humidity came for only short periods and went fairly often with the storms, leaving really nice days with low humidity. But then the temperatures dropped and summer became kind of odd...sometimes sunny and cool, but very often really warm, humid, and overcast. It was often too cold for swimming (I need it HOT to swim) or just kind of unpleasant. NEOhio isn't known for great weather, but I generally love it, so if I'm saying it was unpleasant, most people HATED it. Because I was working or had a healing tattoo, I didn't get to swim when the summer weather arrived. Then that weather left and there weren't many great swimming days. Finally, last week, summer returned again. Mom and I used that opportunity to head to the lake, get some sun, enjoy some concession stand food...we partook in general summer fun, and it was nice! At least for this weird summer, I'll have that one great, hot, swimming day!




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