Thursday, September 12, 2013

093 : Movie Review : Now You See Me

Recently, mom and I hit up the Red Box for some cheap movie enjoyment. I chose Now You See Me, which I had wanted to see when it was in theaters. It turns out that I really, really enjoyed it!

Now You See Me is really a heist movie with a magical twist. The lead ensemble is four magicians, hand picked to create a series of shows that are also a few heists. There's a showman, a "mentalist," an escape artist, and a sleight. They each receive an invite to a random house where their new show appears in a super cool way. Cut to a year later, where they're performing the show. I guess the underlying plot is that these magicians are pulling their heists for entrance into a secret society, but that is not really developed well. The FBI is onto them, so a few other characters are the FBI agents. There's a backer for their shows, and then there's a guy who is debunking their acts.


The whole movie is all about the magicians, The Four Horsemen, being one step ahead of everyone else...or three. The FBI is busy being stupid but the narrator/debunker finds out he's also been left behind. There are twists and turns, a lot of which is revealed via exposition. Normally, I find exposition tiring, but it works with this movie. The bit about the secret society for magicians could've been skipped entirely. The movie is weighted heavily for the showman and the mentalist, with the escape artist and the sleight having smaller parts in the ensemble. I would've liked to see a more rounded representation of the cast. There was also a random love story that could've been ditched.

Those little things aside, I really loved this movie. I wanted to talk about how much I enjoyed it right away...but I watched it twice in a row to make sure I wasn't just crazy. I found it just as charming the second time. I thought it was a cool idea, I loved the heists, and I thought the characters were really interesting. The special effects were cool to me as well, and I can see myself owning this movie and watching it regularly.

A definite recommend!!


  1. I wanted to see this movie too, but I never did. I definitely will now!

    1. Yeah, it's pretty good...unless you're the obsessive detail type who predicts everything. But I figure those people wouldn't take any of my recommendations anyway!

  2. I tried to get this from redbox the other night too! It was out of stock, but I'm definitely going to try again another day.