Saturday, September 14, 2013

095 : Cache Adventures : Three new states!

This week, I spent 10 hours in Chicago (between buses), and many days in Omaha with a quick jaunt to Iowa for a concert at a casino. (Omaha is on the border of Nebraska and Iowa.) I managed to grab at least one cache in each place! I had to ask for help in Chicago, and it was so weird doing it in such an urban place. Akron and Cleveland seem positively peaceful compared to Chicago's bustle! I took my best friend out to the center of the tiny town in which she lives, where we found her first two caches! She definitely enjoyed it and wants to do more of it. While we were on our way to a concert at a casino in Iowa, we passed a strange monument where I KNEW there'd be a cache, and there was! Three more states added to my Cache Adventures!

Skate punk, YOLO teens who helped me located a cache!


Kinsey and Liam with their first cache!


Golden Spike in Iowa

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