Sunday, September 15, 2013

096 : Marathon Training : Week 86

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This week, I went for two, 8-mile runs in Omaha. I felt like that was a good vacation compromise. The first run was on a fucking mountain bike trail and was AWFUL! The second run was on an awesome lake trail and was really nice. The cool thing about Omaha is it has space for BIG parks. You would be hard pressed to find an 8-mile loop, mountain bike or otherwise, trail in NEOHIO. We have long, rail trails, and the tow path, but those aren't the same as going to a park and enjoying a really long loop trail. However, Omaha's scenery is very strange to me, and I found it disconcerting to run in a different state. I think that was the most interesting part of these runs.



  1. What marathon are you training for out of curiosity? And I LOVE the Tow Path. I ran a portion of it, I believe, for a local half that took place in Elyria. -Jessica

    1. Disneyworld, because they accept walkers. I didn't want to worry about pace. I run the towpath sometimes. It can bore me for long distances. Also, I need to run pavement for my long runs, because the marathon will be on pavement.