Monday, September 16, 2013

097 : Game Review : Plants vs. Zombies 2 (It's about TIME!)

So, Plants vs. Zombies is my favest iPhone game. It's original and interesting and engaging, and I can beat the game! I was ELATED when they released Plants vs. Zombies 2...and even more excited that it was FREE...until I bought it and discovered all the in-app purchases! (BOO!)


At first, I was annoyed at the in-app purchases. I thought I was missing out on plants that had to be purchased for $2.99 or $3.99 each. But then I realized the plants that needed to be purchased were old plants and that all the new ones (excluding one) were easily earned. I also don't like the options to buy more coins, and I spent about a week playing lower levels to earn the coins I needed to buy the power ups I needed to win the harder puzzles. Eventually, I tried playing the puzzles without the extra coins, and I figured out a TON of them! I've still "cheated" by earning a bunch of sun for power ups to get me through some levels, but not as many as I first thought I needed.

I guess patience is a thing I need when I'm playing games. Sometimes, I just have to play and lose until I figure out the right solution. Nevertheless, all the in-app purchases are annoying and clutter up the game. Also, the cost of them would add up to at least $20, which is RIDICULOUS!


Despite its flaws, I've enjoyed playing the second version of the game...and I haven't gotten to the future level yet. I'm nervous for when I beat the game, because I have yet to find another game I enjoy quite as much!

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