Wednesday, September 25, 2013

107 : New kitty!!!

My friend's neighbor found a kitten. She posted it on Facebook, and I wanted to wait to see if it found a home. But the next day, she texted me...the neighbor had found fleas on the kitten (duh) and decided to put it in a kennel on the porch. Just, not ok. So we took him in! He's already been fixed and everything, so he's staying. He's been here about a week, and it's been tense with Lulu and Molly, but everything is starting to smooth out. We've added extra litters for everyone's comfort. I'm hoping, in a month, they'll be eating and pooping in the same places. But we'll see.

His name is BEEP! (yes with !), and he is THE CUTEST and LOVES TO SNUGGLEZ!!!!!!!