Monday, September 30, 2013

112 : Outfit Post : FREE jeans!

So, I've received a sort of promotion at work. I'm now considered a specialist in our jeans, which means I received a pair for free! Sadly, I won't be telling you where I work so you won't know where these jeans come from, which is slightly not useful for an outfit post, I know. But they're current, and sold at a national chain.

Truthfully, skinny jeans are not usually my thing. I had to choose a pair of skinny jeans, because that was the only type I could get for free. It's really just a marketing scheme to convince me to sell more of them. They try to describe them as "universally flattering," but I'm actually inclined to agree. They are TIGHT, which takes getting used to, but they are really cute! I wear them with spanks, because they are so low rise. I think I could see myself pairing them with something looser and flowier on top, for sure. This time, I just paired them with a festival t-shirt and hoodie I found at a craft show.



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