Thursday, October 10, 2013

122 : Recent Work : Family Photo Stop-Motion

I had an awesome photo shoot a few weeks ago. I'm pleased with the photos, but I wanted to experiment with stop-motion video as well. I'm really interested in going more toward stop-motion with my work, but I don't think this is a great example of it. When I sat down to edit the video, I realized I didn't have enough footage. My ideas for some of the footage were good, but the ending photos didn't look good with the backdrop I chose. Also, I found it hard to really describe some of my ideas, and I don't feel like I told a great story. But I'm still going to post it here...just because I don't want to hide away from art when I think I made mistakes. I'm trying something new, and I need to learn from that.

Family from fenna blue on Vimeo.

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