Wednesday, October 16, 2013

128 : Gotta Watch It!

So, last spring, I was invited to write for a tv review blog, Gotta Watch It. The blog owner found me via Tumblr and told me she LOVES my blog and invited me to write for the blog. Honestly, short of meeting awesome blogging friends, this has to be the coolest thing that has happened to me!

In August, the blog owner began divvying up the shows to be reviewed. I was actually assigned two, which is uncommon for a new writer! I review Dads and Grey's Anatomy!!! Dads features some of my fave actors, and Grey's Anatomy is a regular watch for me! But then, a few weeks ago, she still needed writers for some of the shows that premiere late, and I was assigned another one, Supernatural!!! Color me SOOOO happy, 'cause I'm a total Supernatural geek!

So it's really cool for me to have this opportunity, but it also means that I'm writing three extra blog posts a week, on a dead line, and I have to watch the shows too! So today, I thought I'd like to my reviews for today. Please head on over there and check out not only my writing, but also the other reviewers. I'd love to know if you like the site and would be ecstatic to see some familiar names in the comments on my reviews! (If you want, you don't have too!)

Episode 5 of Dads

Episode 2 of Supernatural

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