Thursday, October 17, 2013

129 : Outfit Post : Work Clothes

The benefit of working in retail is cute clothes and an employee discount! This is an outfit I bought from work so that I'm dressed in what we sell. I'm not a HUGE fan of skinny jeans, but they're the center of what we sell, and I could not resist this pattern. The t-shirt is actually a men's t-shirt, but I just love the graphic! I wore this outfit when mom and I headed to Ohio Mart, a craft show hosted every year at Stan Hywet Hall.





  1. Love those pants. You look great! Employee discounts are always a plus :)

    1. Truth! And I'm tempted to buy more of these jeans, because we just got them in blue, green, and red! I could be running around in green jeans! But I don't need them, and I need other things, so I probably won't. Thanks girl!