Friday, October 18, 2013

130 : Review : The Highly Overrated B Spot

Ugh. If you do a search for best burgers in Cleveland, you get a bunch of fucking Michael Symon restaurants. Instead of a fantastic list of diners, it's all fancy places that cost a lot. I attempted to hit up Lolita for one of the burgers mentioned on the list, and I had an awful time and wasn't even able to try the burger in question! (Because they have special menus for certain times of day.) A few weeks ago, I was in the neighborhood-ish to try B Spot. I'd heard of this place, not just in a search for good burgers but also in negative reviews of a different burger place on Yelp. I had no idea it was a Michael Symon place until the very end of the meal, after the bill was paid. The service was just enough to get the job done with no friendliness or personality. The burger was dry. They served the sauce for the burger on the side, which ruins it for me. The chili cheese fries were not good...because shoe string fries are nasty and you can't top them with chili cheese. The burger was overpriced as well. Don't eat at this place...I mean, feel free to try whatever it is you want, but I think you'd just end up wasting your money.

Pretentious decoration

Not sure what "Cleveland BBQ Sauce" is and it was not available on the side for me to try

The dry, overpriced burger

The almost inedible chili cheese fries

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