Sunday, October 20, 2013

131 : Cache Adventures : Renaissance Faire and a Fabulous Cemetery

I had the immense pleasure of heading down to Middle-of-Nowhere, Ohio for The Ohio Renaissance Festival. It was a cold and rainy day, but I was prepared with a full rain suit. I was slightly bummed that I wasn't in costume. I have the beginnings of a costume, but didn't have the time or energy to put it together. I did a little shopping and found a cute little bustle to add to my future costume. I did feel like a main point of the festival was to do shopping, but I still had fun with the shows and the people who were dressed up.

After the festival, I headed home via the back roads. My hope was to find some good places to grab a few caches. I haven't been geocaching in forever! There have been a few cold and rainy days that have prevented the geocaching and there have been some busy days where I didn't have time to cache. I found this little cemetery with three caches, and it was perfect! One cache required some serious bushwhacking, and the views were so beautiful. The other caches were easier. After caching, I drove home and it was just beautiful, with an epic sunset.

The night before, I drove down to be closer to the festival, but also to spend the night with a good friend. At the festival, I met up with some friends I haven't seen in a while. After I came home, I picked up a new friend after work and we sat in my car and talked for hours. It was just a really beautiful, awesome day. I saw new things, had time to myself, sang along with my fave songs, indulged a little, enjoyed the weather and the sunset and the people. Just, absolutely, wonderful.













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