Sunday, October 20, 2013

132 : Marathon Training : Week 91

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This week was great for a lot of things and ok for running. I completed a task on my 101 List and traveled a bit and hung with friends and spent quality time with a new person whom I'm super excited to have in my life. I hosted a Vegan Chili Cook Off with two peeps cooking chili (besides myself) and attendance of a bit more than a dozen. I had a prize for the winner of the cook off, and he really loved his prize too! I ran two of my three days, which is not great. I just had a really sleepless night and after falling asleep for two hours before my alarm went off, I knew I couldn't do it. But since there were so many other things happening this week, and because I'm way ahead on my mileage, I'm not going to worry about it. This week was just awesome.

Some of the ingredients for one of my chilis



The first winner of the first ever Akron Cooking Coalition Vegan Chili Cook Off! I hope to make it a tradition!

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