Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 50th, Doctor Who!

For about a month (just over or just under, I can't remember), I have been watching the reboot of Doctor Who (from 2005/Eccleston) in order to catch up for today. This morning, I watched Clara's first episode, so I am not fully caught up on the seventh season. Therefore, instead of watching the 50th anniversary special (though I've even been invited to a party), I'm going to use today and tomorrow to fully catch up before seeing the special in theaters on Monday. In the meantime, I still got my Whovian geek on by finally posting some of my screenshots taken while watching the seasons with the tenth and eleventh doctors. I definitely should've taken more screenshots in the earlier seasons, because the pics below are definitely missing Rose, Martha, and Donna!

Oh, but if you're a Donna fan, you should watch Catherine Tate and David Tennant in a skit that I think is on Catherine's own show (?), it's so funny. After watching it, I went on to watch all the Lauren Cooper skits because they're so funny!!! I've embedded the skit beneath my screenshot collages, so scroll all the way down for the hilarity!

When River Song tells him he just snaps and the TARDIS opens, so he tries it!

I love TARDIS scenic shots!

Tenth's good-byes were SO SAD!





When Melody Pond regenerates into River Song...!!!

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