Sunday, November 24, 2013

Marathon Training : Week 96

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Wow, it's been several weeks since I posted. In that time, I took a bit of a break and backed off some of my distance running. I was way ahead on the distance running, so I knew I had the room in my schedule to back off. I think it was better in the long run, because I came back to my distance running this week and I faired way better on my 15-miler than I had in the past. I'm gearing up for another long run on Thanksgiving. Between work and running, I have no idea if I'll have any room for turkey in my schedule! That's ok, though. It's less than two months 'til the race and I'm nervous and excited and I do feel like I'll be able to finish. I can't believe that I've been working for almost two years for this and that I've really stuck to it!



  1. Your posts remind me to get off my ass. Rarely happens but I want to be physically fit so I have more energy and am self reliant and ready to defend myself in the event of government shut-down/zombie apocalypse... ;D

    1. Hey, I'm glad I'm a motivator for someone! I'm really just talking out loud about what I'm doing and what my struggles are...but I definitely agree that we need to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse!