Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cache Adventures : Fairlawn and Rose Hill Cemetery

I've been trying to stick to my geocaching goal of getting every cache in Akron...and using the maps in my app to do so. Last week, I decided to knock off a map on the far west side of Akron, possibly not even really Akron, but still feels like it for me. I hit up Fairlawn and Rose Hill Cemetery (which is beautiful). It took me two days, but I grabbed all the caches, found a little park I'd never seen before, and hit up a Travel Bug Hotel where I left one and then picked one up!

Bicentennial Park in Fairlawn

A little cache at a bus stop

Since the sun sets so early, I've gone out and grabbed a few caches as early as 5p and it's definitely dark! Night caching has fun extra challenges, like taking more branches to the eye!


There is a cache in this photo, can you see it?


Rose Hill Cemetery is pretty big and seriously so pretty that I want to have a picnic there this summer.


The goal for this travel bug is all things alien...so I need to do some research and find a cool, alien-related place for this bug. Maybe up by NASA in Cleveland? I don't know. Anyone have any ideas of alien sites in Ohio, Michigan, or Pennsylvania??

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