Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cache Adventures : Rolling Acres

Ahhh...geocaching! It has been forever since I've written about geocaching, 'cause it's been forever since I've gone geocaching. I don't know, life just sort of got in the way...and then I realized how much I love geocaching and how I want to get all the caches in Akron. So I've used my app to make some different maps of different sections of the city. They'll have anywhere from 2-13 or more caches and be named for the location or type (there's a series reachable only by boat over in Portage Lakes). The other day, mom and I decided to conquer my Rolling Acres map, which is over by the old mall, right on the edge of Barberton.


As you can see, we were not 100% successful. This is because most of the caches were in a cemetery and it was already dusk and one of those gloomy days with absolutely no sun. Our visibility ended pretty quickly. I had thought we were going to be in the parking lots of the mall and surrounding plazas, grabbing light post caches, not in a cemetery, grabbing micros in bushes. Also, one was a 3.5 difficulty. So, we have plans to return on a sunny day when we've got time to really search the areas. Nevertheless, it was such a fun return to geocaching. I love going out with the purpose of grabbing a bunch of caches!





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