Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review : New Music!!!

The other day, mom and I did a little bit of shopping at Target. While I was browsing around, I headed to the music section where I picked up three cds. I've since had time to listen to them in my car, and here are my quick reviews!!


Ellie Goulding : website, wiki : Halcyon
I was actually ready to write a pretty glowing review of her until I mentioned her to a friend who is a professional singer and she pointed me in the direction of Goulding's cover of "Your Song" by Elton John. Wow. Way to destroy a beautiful song and manage to show your limited range in one fell swoop! The good news is that cover is not on Halcyon, so we can all successfully avoid it. Taken on its own, I really enjoyed Halcyon. There's this thing where she'll sing a little riff and then repeat it or alter it so as to make it part of the background beat, and I loved that. Probably it's been done before. I'm not pretending to discover really new shit here, but I hadn't heard it before, and I liked it. The album is mostly electronic or synthesized instrumentals with her raspy, light, airy, and high voice...which is really just an average voice full of affectations and not much training behind it. But to me, it's different from what I've heard before, and I dig it. I can easily see myself keeping this cd in the mix for quite some time, learning the lyrics, and enjoying the danceable songs! I'm also definitely planning on passing it on to a friend whom I think will LOVE it, because we both love dancing to fun pop music!

Courtyard Hounds : website, wiki : Amelita
So this group is made up of the sisters from Dixie Chicks. I came across this album in Target and thought that it would probably be some really good country. Martie and Emily actually founded Dixie Chicks and found the lead singer, Natalie, later. Martie and Emily were responsible for most of the instrumentation for the Dixie Chicks, including fiddle and banjo. So I kind of thought that this album would be a more country, less rock, softer version of the Dixie Chicks...and boy was I wrong! This is a nice light rock/soft pop album but it is decidedly uncountry. It's really mellow and soft and beautiful, but there is very little fiddle and banjo in the album. I would be disappointed if the overall sound wasn't so enjoyable. I just really wanted to sink my teeth into some country and this album did not provide. Still, it's a good album, though the sisters' voices are not as powerful or refined as Natalie's, and there are some rough moments in some of the songs. Nevertheless, overall, it's enjoyable.

Miley Cyrus : website, wiki : Bangerz
I mean, I'm sure y'all have heard something from this album and I doubt there is a person in the world who doesn't have an opinion on Miley! Probably that's some of the reason why I bought the album, because I could easily find the bits and pieces around the internet and put them in my music files without buying the album. Maybe it's because I follow her on Instagram or maybe it's because I just want to be a part of what's happening now, but when I saw Bangerz at the check out, I just had to grab it. My thoughts on Miley's current behavior and performance choices are basically, I don't give a fuck. She's being a young kid, partying, and probably rich as fuck, and I could give a shit that she likes to strap teddy bears to her back up dancers and run around in variations of underwear. I don't think she's putting too much out there or trying to get attention or anything. I think she's just young and being young and I kind of love it. I really had no idea what to expect from this album. I already loved We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball, and I guess I expected a pretty standard pop album with a few ballads a la Christina and Britney and fucking everyone else. But what I got was a really strange mix of pop and hip hop and soul and blues and even some country twang in an album that I can best describe as a really fucking awesome party that I was clearly not cool enough to attend but somehow ended up there. If I even knew how to use phrases like, "turnt up," I would, but I don't. All I can say is it's a strange and surreal ride and I fucking loved it!

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