Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cache Adventures : Marathon Road Trip

Basically, if I have time to kill, I'm grabbing a geocache. But I had other motives in mind as I grabbed a few caches on my road trip. I had a travel bug from Ohio that was interested in "all things alien" (hello, Rocket City USA, aka Huntsville, Alabama!) and also...for every state in which anyone grabs a cache, they receive a digital souvenir. It's just a little picture and some info about the state, but I'm into them. I was able to grab caches in Kentucky, definitely planned geocaching into my Huntsville visit, grabbed a quick one in Florida (where I dropped off travel bugs picked up in Alabama), and grabbed a quick cache just over the Georgia border. I wanted to grab caches in SC, NC, and VA, but I was just too tired by then. Still, it was fun to add four states to my places I've cached!!!

The cache is in the photo, can you see it?

A guard rail cache with meaning : the cache creator's brother is the name on the sign.

My first cache in Alabama was in a Confederate grave yard, of course!

Some friends at a Huntsville cache

A super cool cemetery cache.

Lowe Mill had two caches.

My sore ass limped to this night cache in Florida and dropped off a few travel bugs.

The Georgia cache was just a quick one at a truck stop, which makes me wonder how many caches are at truck stops.


  1. I am enjoying reading about your road trip! I'm glad I can roadtrip vicariously through you :)

    1. Vicarious road tripping is the best! ...Second to actual road tripping, of course.