Friday, January 24, 2014

Marathon Road Trip : Huntsville, AL

The second stop on my roadtrip was Huntsville, Alabama. I've learned about Huntsville through a friend who runs a wedding blog, HiFi Weddings. She and I became acquainted as I submitted weddings for her blog and became a vendor listed on her sidebar. Recently, as I joined Instagram, I started following White Rabbit Studios, her photography business, and Vertical House Records, the record store she and her husband own. When I first joined Instagram, I looked through who she was following to find new peeps to follow and I collected a few people in Huntsville. So my plan was to visit White Rabbit Studios as well as lkerbz.

It turns out that lkerbz's schedule was just too packed and we never met. But I was able to finally meet Ashley and her husband at Vertical House Records. It was cool. We hung out in their shop both nights, talking, and having a few beers. I picked up a few used cds (because I don't own a record player). I checked out Lowe Mill, the cool artist place where both Vertical House Records and White Rabbit Studios are housed. I met some cool artists, had delicious chocolate, and spoke some Spanish with a ceramicist.

Huntsville is a cool place with ROCKET SHIPS! Huntsville has a few historic districts and some nice parks and old cemeteries. It's a really artsy little town, but it still has that Southern feel. I walked around a lot, had a breakfast sandwich at a coffee shop, and grabbed a couple of geocaches. It was a really fun trip and I definitely can't wait to return!!

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