Friday, January 31, 2014

Plant Kingdom

So, a friend of mine owns Plant Kingdom, which is this awesome little bakery that makes delicious treats. Everything is vegan, but it's so amazing! I mean, some people would think the vegan tag makes it all better and some people would think that vegan stuff is not as good. But seriously, his hemp seed energy bars are just so awesome. Oh, but there is one thing I really love, and that's his Goo Balls!!! I even got to help make some!

Jeremy, mixing up a batch of goo balls!

So, his goo bars are peanut buttery and chocolatey and have other delicious things in them...and the texture is really soft and chewy and easy to eat. I sometimes find "granola bar" snacks to be too crunchy. I don't know, but stuff that is really crunchy is just too hard for me to eat. I had been eating various snack bars on my runs and they just weren't working for me...too crunchy, too dry, too hard to eat while in the middle of a long run. But the goo bars just totally worked for me!

So for my marathon training, I asked Jeremy if he would make me a special batch and roll them smaller. He totally obliged my request. I had a ton of goo bars to take with me on my marathon, and they were the perfect fuel for me. They were sweet and delicious but also provided me with all the energy I needed. I ate a large goo ball as I got ready at the hotel. Then I ate another one in my corral. Then I ate one for every five miles and had one right after my run. I also ate goo balls all during the week of carb loading. SO GOOD! Also, such great fuel! I cannot say enough about Plant Kingdom and the awesome food Jeremy makes. And if you're ever in Akron (or if you sweet talk me into sending you a package), you should definitely get your hands on some!

This is my goo-ball-making face!

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