Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cache Adventures : A snowy day in Fairlawn

I'm still trying to collect all of the caches in the Akron area, though I'm not as on top of my game as I used to be. A few weeks ago, mom and I headed out to finish up the Fairlawn area. There was one cache we hadn't found had a high level of difficulty, but the second time around, our caching experience helped us make the find! There was an awesome cache in the root system of a fantastic tree! We tried going after it from the wrong side before realizing our mistake and heading at it from the right side. And then there was just a random little cache in an inappropriate place. It was fun traipsing around in the snow and grabbing some caches!

Can you see the geocache?

A trail to a cache.

A few from under the tree!

Down under the tree!

Mom nabs the cache!

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