Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tattoo Adventures

So, there is this thing that tattoo shops do, often on a Friday the 13th or on Halloween but also sometimes as a fundraiser for something. They have a big event where they offer tattoos at a really low price. For people who have been tattooed and enjoy the culture of it, these events are really fun. The tattoos offered are always very limited, some sort of flash, maybe with a specific theme for the event. It's not like anyone is going in and getting a custom piece. It's usually very busy and it's just meant to be fun. I've always wanted to participate in one of these events, and I almost did earlier in the year when Good Life Tattoo hosted a fundraiser for Akron Children's Hospital. The tattoos for that event were $50 but the tattoos were valued at $150. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the $50 together. Recently, Arkham Tattoo hosted a Toys for Tats event. I think they host it every year. The deal was bring a toy (or two) for Toys for Tots and get a $20 tattoo. The tattoos were flash chosen by the artists that were tattooing that day. All of the tattoos were pretty small, but those getting tattooed could choose whatever they wanted and choose the colors.

I got there pretty early, which is good, because it was CROWDED. I brought a couple of stuffed animals from Larry and Boo's Emporium. I hung outside for a bit before the doors opened and was so happy to be number 4, because the crowd was kind of intense for me. I was hoping to meet one of the regular guys at Arkham, because I've heard great things about the shop and I have plans on returning there for future work. But it turns out that the artist I received owns a shop in Ashtabula. Tattoo Tubsy is his Instagram handle and True 'til Death is his shop in Ashtabula, OH. He was super cool and I really love what he did for me. He's really into traditional tattoos, so I have plans to go back for a piece I want of a lady with an Octopus head. I told him about it and he was really excited, so I know that's in my future.

Overall, the event was a fun thing to do...but I won't do another one. I've got a great little tattoo and another awesome artist for future work. I definitely got a lot out of the event and had a fun time. I think doing this just once is plenty for me!

Waiting outside

Signing in

The first three customers going down

I chose a little Valkyrie and Tattoo Tubsy chose the placement and coloring

The finished tattoo is bright and perfect for the sleeve I'm building!