Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A night out with Giant Ladies!

Remember how I met porn stars? Yeah, well we've been hanging out. I've hung out at their place and had AWESOME food and played really fun games...and I've also gone out a few times. Recently, I brought my friend, Kendra, along. We headed to a little, dive, gay bar downtown. It has this great corner with benches where we can sit and talk and also a little dance floor for some fun dancing. A couple other porn stars were in from out of town so it was a Giant Lady party with a couple of tiny ladies included in the fun. I mean, really, these gals are just the funnest...they are all just really fun to be around. So we talked and drank and danced and laughed a lot. Also, I dressed up and wore heels!

Kendra's pretty face!

Three giant ladies and two tiny ladies!

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