Sunday, March 2, 2014

Goal Setting : What day is it anyway?

It's Tuesday, but I'm going to back log this like I wrote it on Sunday. I mean, I thought about writing it on Sunday, I just never did. This is my life lately. I tell myself I'm going to do things and then I don't do them. But in real life, I can't lie like I can with posts on this blog.

Lately, I haven't been feeling like myself at all. I feel very meh. I'm tired and worn out from just everything and I find it hard to do much more than go to work and lie around on the couch. This is disturbing to me because when I ran a marathon, I felt on top of the world for a minute. I felt like it was kind of amazing that I could train for two years and follow through on something huge. And now? I don't even want to leave the house. Life just feels like a struggle.

I want to keep running, but races are expensive. I was going to go ahead and register for the Akron Marathon, but a conversation with a fellow blogger who has run more races than I confirmed that I might not be ready to make the time. So I really want to run the half. But I haven't registered yet, because money. I have a new job, and I think I can get the money together but if I can't, then what? So I decided to set a goal that wasn't dependent on a race. I'm going to do 365 days of running. Every day, I want to get out and run, even if it's just around the block.

Of course, I started this on March 1st, when I was super busy with my new job and also life and also it's still cold as fuck in NEOhio (not having a race imminent means I am far less motivated to get out in 5 degree weather) my first two days were walking. I ran on my third day, but I'm definitely going to mall walk today. It's a struggle, but so is everything right now. Nevertheless, I think that walking is still a great compromise. Every day, I know I need to get out and be active. And maybe when it's not so cold that I have to wear a million layers, I will get out and run more. Maybe not. Maybe this will be 365 days of walking around the block. I don't know. I just know that I've set this goal, and I'm doing it.

In other goal-related news, I have a list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days that I need to write about, and New Year's Resolutions to follow up on, and also that goal to buy a house...well, I can tell you that the house situation might be put off for paying of debt and getting my credit all shiny and fancy. But the point is, I'm still planning on it and sticking with the ultimate goal. And that's ok with me.



  1. I seriously feel you on this. I have no motivation to do life. I feel like I'm just existing; just trudging through because I have no other choice. I have goals and things I want to work towards, but it's like I don't even care right now, which is super unlike me. I think a lot of people feel this way, and I feel like the weather has a lot to do with it. I don't hate winter, but this shit is relentless and it's getting depressing. The joys of northern living. :-/

    I totally admire you on your 365 days of running. I hate running, but I need to be more active and I think that will help me with the rest of my life. It's just really hard right now. I can't wait to frolic in muddy meadows the first day it's 50 degrees.

    1. Girl, word. But I think getting out every day is going to help make it better.

  2. I like your label "fuck it".-Heh heh. ----- It sounds that maybe you are experiencing depression after a marathon, which is actually kind of normal. I think running and moving again will help those endorphins activate, and you could start to feel better again. It could be the weather too. There were days when those midwest winters made me sad, and all I would wish was that I was back in sunny CA able to soak in some sun.

    Anyways, I love that you set that goal for yourself- running 365 days out of the year; probably because I can identify with it. I have to admit, I couldn't do that, but it doesn't mean that I couldn't try. I've been wanting to do a similar type of challenge, but maybe monthly or weekly. I know it wouldn't be something I should try the rest of the year because of everything that will be on my schedule.

    I have read your post before about 101 things to do 1001 days and am very inspired, but I feel overwhelmed with that; sounds like a lot! But I definitely want to make my own list and see if I can accomplish most of it. -Jess L

    1. I feel like I just jumped into the 365 days of running without any planning, which is why it's a lot of walking! But maybe you're right, about getting the endorphins going again.

      101 Things is not as hard as it sounds! Also, it's over three years, which is important to remember. And you could put all your running goals in there and so on. You already have a lot of goals anyway. But it's a great way to do longterm ones as well. You should make one!