Sunday, April 6, 2014

Goal Setting : Back on the Wagon?

I'm not sure if I've really been straightforward or merely hinted at it, but I basically went through a few months of depression post-marathon to just about now. (The depression was not BECAUSE of the marathon. It's somewhat incidental that the depression happened after the marathon.) The depression started to lift at the end of March but came back with some work stress and is now going away, like for reals. There are days when I wake up and I want to DO THINGS...before, that just didn't happen. Life, for a while, has been perfunctory or forced. Life, for now, is feeling much more like a choice, even a desire. Many things slid during my most recent depression, including this blog. I mean, I would just NOT be able to write, like, AT ALL. But I'm coming back around and I reminded myself, when crawling into bed tonight, that I needed to write this post. This post has been on my to do list for a while, and it's time to get it done!

I want to update on some of my longterm goal lists, like New Year's Resolutions and 101 Things to do in 1001 Days. I am probably not as far on my 101 Things as I'd like to be. Even though this is my third time around, I haven't really ironed out the details of staying on top of the list. I don't know where I am with my New Year's Resolutions, so I may as well dive in!

101 Things to do in 1001 Days

I linked the full list above, but it's here. There are a few I can list that I need to do : I can finish my quilt. I can buy pointe shoes. I can spend a day taking the selfies I mentioned and another day editing them (I even have the book pages marked for referral.) I can possibly hit up a tattoo convention or comic con (not sure). I can probably road trip up to Lake Superior (maybe take someone awesome with me). I can definitely go to a Dr. Sketchy's. And I can most definitely start saving...even if it's a jaw of coins or an envelope with a dollar each. So what I'm saying is, I need to get on this shit!

New Year's Resolutions

Again, linked above, but also here. Well, I've been working on #1. As for #2...I think I for sure get into the Akron half, but I'm not sure about the Gay Games. I have to pay about $200 just to participate in the games and more for the race. I don't know, that might could happen. I guess if I really put some effort into earning some extra cash, I could probably put that together in a few weeks. I'm gonna have to look into that this week. #3 and #5 are in the works and #4 has been happening!!! #6 is happening. #7 is in the works. I've altered my diet and researched Whole 30 and am working toward trying it. I have blog posts planned! #8 is actually really starting to happen, and I'm feeling good about that. #9 is also happening...I have a bunch of posts ready to go, I just have to make the time to post them. Finally, #10 is probably happening, but it's not so much in the forefront of my mind like I'd like. Maybe I need to make it a mantra or set it as a wallpaper on my phone...ok, doing that!

Oh man, so glad to get this post done! I really want to get back on track with this blog, regular Sunday and Saturday updates as well as some weekday updates. Gonna do it!!!

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