Friday, April 4, 2014

Review : The Merchant Tavern

On one of the boy's pool league nights, I decided to treat myself to a delicious burger from The Merchant Tavern. Honestly, the menu is WAY too high-priced...the quality of the food does not match up to the price. The service was not great, though I was back in the pool room. The burger was ok, but it wasn't awesome for the price. I mean, I guess I'd go there for a fancy dinner, but this is not the kind of place I could eat at regularly.


  1. This place definitely sounds like one I'd try, but not visit often if it's as expensive as you say. Do they have craft beer? -Jess L

    1. OK, it's not's like, probably $30 if I wanted to really do a meal and tip on my own. Whereas, I try to keep meals with tips (and beer) at $20. Yes, craft beer!!

      If you're seriously in NEOhio again, then you must let me take you on a food tour! Also, geocaching!