Monday, May 26, 2014

"All those voices..."

So, I took a picture of an article MONTHS ago and I've forgotten who said it, but I really think it's interesting. A small but VERY IMPORTANT part of my social group is bloggers whom I've befriended over the years. Many of them are women who post at least some fashion if not fully identify as fashion bloggers. We all have a lot of the same concerns about finding an audience and keeping it...and several of them have built a business with their blog as an integral part. So when I read this in that magazine so many months ago, it resonated with me as advice I wanted to pass on to my fellow bloggers...

"All those voices, all those opinions, it just makes you...less confident."

I think I feel this most when a blogger friend and I are emailing back and forth about a popular blogger who seems to have a large following and we can't figure out why (Dainty Squid, Little Chief Honeybee, Delightfully Tacky), because they seem so fake and disingenuous. (And most of these women have written blog posts that spell out just how much their blogs are brands and not representations of themselves.) We wonder, how can these women, who are clearly so false, have so many followers?

But it's moot, right? For so many reasons, not the least of which is a cliche (or very sound advice) about remaining true to oneself. When I read that quote above, it just made me think about all those conversations and what a blogger should do and how to brand and how to create great content and so on and on and on...and I just want to yell to those voices, "SHUT UP! I'LL BE WHO I WANT TO BE!"

So that's why I'm posting this, because maybe it'll resonate with you in the same way it resonated with me...or maybe not.


  1. I believe you showed this to me before and we talked about it or maybe I saw it on your Instagram.

    I agree that becoming overwhelmed with all of the different voices on the internet can make one less confident, but I haven't found that true for me. I do like to analyze bigger bloggers and their followings, but reading other blogs doesn't diminish the confidence that I have in my own work. I think it's because I recognize that everyone is different and just because someone else is successful doesn't mean I never will be. If I had read this a few years ago when I was more insecure and depressed I could probably relate to it more.

    I definitely agree, however, that reading too much about how to blog can become frustrating and the bottom line really is that you should be who you want to be. That is why I only look up blog tips and read ebooks on blogging when I'm in the mood to learn. Sometimes I just don't want to because I like where I'm at. Also, unless you are trying to boost traffic, build your brand or make your blog a business, it really doesn't matter!

    1. I think some young women are desperate for anyone to tell them the magic steps to become the next ABM, and you and I know that there are PLENTY of articles telling everyone just how fake to be to "build a brand".

      But anyway, the point was just to post it. I have lots of thoughts, I make them into blogs.