Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trails and Towns : The Towpath in Downtown Akron

Not far from my house is a trailhead for the Erie Canal Towpath. If I take it south, I head into downtown Akron. Here are some pics from a gloomy day when I did just that.


  1. I love the Towpath trail! Doesn't it go all the way through Lorain and Elyria?! I signed up for the Towpath Marathon once when I was stationed in Illinois, but then I missed it. So I signed up for the Elyria Towpath half, I think, and I was able to run that one. I was out of shape for it and hadn't trained, but I really enjoyed it so much because of the scenery. I hope to run the Cleveland Marathon one day and the Flying Pig. They are on my marathon bucket list! -Jess L

    1. It goes from Canal Fulton (south) to Valley View (north), but I don't know if it goes over through Lorain County into Elyria. It is so beautiful. But parts of it are not so great for running...they are very urban and can be somewhat boring.