Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A collection of new music!!!

May's issue of Elle had a big music feature...all female artists! I've collected examples of them and decided to post them for anyone who is on the hunt for something new!

Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" video is absolutely FLAWLESS for its recreation of "Clueless" in music video format. Too bad Izzy has been accused of being racist. Although, some disagree. I'm into her and want to learn more. I might just buy her cd.

Ariana Grande is getting a lot of press for her "amazing" voice, but I'm not totally sold on it. She's really just kind of screaming and I think the way she uses her voice is problematic. Nevertheless, she's cute and she makes good dance songs, which is ok by me. Not sure if I'd buy her whole cd or just download specific songs to add to a dance mix. I linked "Problem" below but not because I liked it. In the black and white sections, there are twins dancing on either side of her...the blondes. They aren't naturally blonde, and I know this because I went to college with them. I photographed their dance troupe (where another set of twins who are my friends also danced) and designed the website for their dance troupe. They took over while we were all in college and made some changes that didn't go over well, like cutting out past dancers. Their goal, as I remember, was to make it to some contest on BET. They were dicks to me, honestly. But I guess it served them well because now they are touring with a big pop star. Interesting and very strange to see people I knew all up in the spotlight. weird. Super weird. I'm digging it.

Lily Allen is not really a new name, but she's recently back from an hiatus. She released "Hard Out Here" in response to Three 6 Mafia and Robin Thicke, and it's pretty brilliant. I'm definitely down, and I definitely want to get out there and get her music!

Elle is calling Kacey Musgraves an outlaw, though the singer doesn't necessarily agree. But her song, "Follow Your Arrow" did feel rebellious to me, when you consider she's a country artist who just admitted to accepting gays and smoking weed. I'm digging on this song so hard that I'm considering an arrow tattoo, though they are about the most trendy hipster thing happening right now. But I don't know, I just really love this song...and I definitely want her cd!

Unlike Ariana Grande, I dig what Foxes is doing with her voice...and I love a good dance song. Also, her videos are pretty cool.

Angel Haze hails from The D (Detroit, that is), and I'm just loving what she is doing. The video below is powerful and I found it to be very moving. Angel isn't surrounded by scandals of racism, possibly because she's not an asshole who posts racist shit on Twitter or maybe because she's black and no one questions why she's in the rap game. It doesn't matter to me, because she's awesome to me, and I'm definitely feeling like her cd is going to be on repeat in my car this summer.


  1. Yay for new music!! I'm about to go to bed so I'm going to listen to the new-to-me songs tomorrow, but as for now here are my comments about the people I already know about.

    I think we already discussed Iggy a little bit. I started listening to her last summer thanks to a friend playing her older stuff on our way to Vegas. I really liked her sound but I totally got hooked after hearing Fancy and seeing the video. However, the song has started to get WAY overplayed on every station out here. I'm not sure what the radio is like in Ohio but it's been sucking lately and just playing the same songs over and over. I'm starting to get sick of Iggy now, which is sad. The same thing happened with Macklemore -- when he first came out, I was like okay awesome, and now I can't stand him (nothing against HIM at all, but just because I'm so sick of hearing the singles over and over). As far as Iggy Azalea's racist tweets, whether or not they are racist isn't really the point for me, it's moreso the principle of her being immature and ignorant enough to post stuff like that online when she's an up-and-coming artist, and then be shocked when people bring them up. Also, she never apologized. If a celebrity does something wrong and fesses up, I respect them a lot more, but instead she tried to justify her actions and make excuses. Speaking of Macklemore, he was actually accused recently of wearing an anti-semetic (sp?) costume recently. I'm seriously about to fall asleep at my laptop so I'm not going to google it right now but when I get the chance I'll send you the link. It was kinda "eh" like kinda weird, kinda not a huge deal.

    Ariana Grande is also a favorite of radio stations out here and I can't stand her voice. I agree that she sounds like she's yelling. I can't even understand what she says and it's not enjoyable at all. In a couple of her singles it also sounds like she's trying to emulate Mariah Carey which is obnoxious because, hello, NO ONE can be Mariah.

    I love love LOVE Lily Allen. Always have, always will!

    1. 1. I hate the radio. Partially because they play the same crap over and over but mostly because commercials.

      2. I generally believe that if a song has been "played out," you probably didn't like it much to begin with. I'm the kind of person who plays the same music on repeat. However, maybe it's because radio can't cater to your moods. So you should definitely turn off the radio and listen to cds or your phone or Spotify!

    2. Yeah, I definitely need to make more CDs. My car doesn't have a plug-in for my phone so that's pretty much my only option. I was listening to Pandora at home for a time but even that started playing the same songs after awhile, so I'll have to try Spotify instead! Maybe I just have a short attention-span when it comes to music and constantly need a change... there are 2-3 artists that I've loved for years but usually I go through phases every few months. I actually wrote a post about it last year, I'm not sure if you saw or not but it was fun to put together.

      Here's the Macklemore thing if you're interested. I'm curious to hear what you think.

      Okay, onto the other people you mentioned!

      Warpaint is cool, I'm liking their sound and style and the fact that they all seem high.

      Even though I'm not normally into country (besides Taylor Swift and Johnny Cash), Kacey Musgraves does seem different than your normal country gal. I'm not really into the twangy sound but I'm supportive of the lyrics and she's pretty.

      As for Foxes, I can recognize that her voice is powerful (and the video's cool and I like her outfits) I'm just not into that kind of music. It might just be the song though so maybe I'll check out others of hers to see.

      Angel Haze is definitely my favorite of the bunch and not just because she's from The D, haha. As you know I listen to mostly rap and I love that she's talking about real issues and not just bitches and money (ie Nicki Minaj). She almost reminds me of a female B.o.B. Thanks for sharing!